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Welcome to Aaron Parthemer’s WordPress Blog

A long-time financial expert, Aaron Parthemer has been diligently serving the people of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for over two decades. As the Founder & President of PMG Private CFO Services, Aaron has the pleasure of working closely with a number of athletes, specifically those who play in the NFL. In his work, Aaron serves as a trusted advisor to each client, ensuring their tax filings are correct and fully legal, and aiding in making investments in cars and homes.

Outside of his work, Aaron Parthemer is committed to being a fully present member of his family. As such, he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son, Aaron Jr. Without them, Aaron is confident his life would not be half as enjoyable or filled with personal and professional success. After all, his wife has been his rock through some of life’s toughest challenges, and Aaron is forever thankful for her unending support.

To learn more about Aaron Parthemer, be sure to visit his website!

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