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How to Get More Involved With Your Church

Aaron Parthemer How To Get More Involved With Your Church

The idea of a church is to help people feel a sense of community while following a similar life view. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is possible to be an active member of a church and still feel like an outsider. Getting more involved with your church is a great way to help remedy this. One suggestion is to identify the needs in your church and then look for opportunities. This should be balanced with what you enjoy doing at a personal level, as well as finding a good match for your natural talents. Once you’ve decided, you should talk to your church officials about ways you’d like to help. 

Attend the Church Service and Extra Church Activities

The most crucial part of being more involved in church is by being present. It’s important for church members to show up for Sunday services, fellowship, bible study groups, church meetings, and other functions. In addition, additional church activities offer an opportunity to serve one another by building friendships within the congregation.

Greet Fellow Church Members

The most effective way one can make new friends in the church is by making contact. One way to do this is to volunteer as a greeter and stand at the door alongside the usher, handing out bulletins. In addition, one can walk around the church before or after a service, wearing a warm smile and greeting or hugging their fellow church members.

Visit the Elderly and Sick Church Members

People feel more involved in their church once they establish a personal connection with multiple church members from a variety of demographics. One way to easily connect with fellow church members is by visiting them. More importantly, as one decides whom to visit, they should consider the lonely church members. This could mean sick people in the hospital or elderly congregants living in a nursing home.

Be Hospitable

Due to social media, people rarely engage in a personal relationship nowadays. One can go the extra mile by inviting their fellow parishioners to their home instead of just sending a text or making a call. This doesn’t even have to be centered around a spiritual conversation or a bible study. Instead, they can have a delicious home-made meal as well as a friendly conversation.

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