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Tips for Your Family Morning Routine

Aaron Parthemer Tips For Your Family Morning Routine

Many people find themselves rushing in the morning or needing just a little extra time to relax before starting the day. Even if you have always done things a certain way, it might be time to consider other tips to get you and the family out of the door on time, without the usual need to rush.


If you are the leader of the household who is tasked with getting everyone else ready, there are ways to prepare in advance. Before waking everyone up, you should give yourself plenty of time first to get ready without distraction. You can also use this time for anything that will relax you and help you get ready for the day. Some options are to do some exercises, prepare breakfast, or have some quiet, alone time before the day starts.


To prevent rushing in the morning, try preparing the night before. Your mornings will run more smoothly with some tasks already handled at night time. Instead of waiting until morning to pack a briefcase, purse or backpack, it’ll be ready for you in the morning to pick up and go. Some ideas include making checklists on weekends, preparing breakfast and lunches ahead of time, having outfits organized and hanging up, and packing up all homework, projects and documents the night before.


It’s tricky to get kids to stay on task in the morning. Having a written checklist is a productive solution. You can write out the tasks for each child, as well as yourself. Make it easily visible with a colorful dry erase board, give rewards for consistently performing each task, and have fun by making it a game to see who’ll be ready first.


To prevent grouchiness, try to have a wake-up time that’s adequate for each family member. This starts with getting enough rest the night before. If you and your family are well-rested, it will be much easier to rise in the morning and keep on schedule. Make sure each child goes to sleep on time and cut use of electronics an hour before bed.

No routine is perfect. You might forget something or lose your keys. That’s why having some wiggle room will help in situations that might arise. Despite all this, keeping a firm schedule can make sure you’re on-time and prepared for the day.

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