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How Does Faith Work? | Aaron Parthemer

Faith is an important component in the practice of religion. It is most often associated with Christian religions due to the frequent use of the word in scriptural texts. Jesus spoke about it frequently. As such, faith is understood by Christians as a tool that makes the impossible possible. Faith and Belief Work Together FaithContinue reading “How Does Faith Work? | Aaron Parthemer”

How to create a family schedule | Aaron Parthemer

For busy families, working out a family schedule can help parents keep track of activities, get to their meetings on time, and figure out when they have free time to enjoy themselves. Getting your family in the habit of following a schedule can be a challenge, but after a few weeks, living by a schedule will becomeContinue reading “How to create a family schedule | Aaron Parthemer”

Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds | Aaron Parthemer

After the wedding excitement dies down, most newlyweds take the time to transition into their new lifestyle. One of the hardest decisions is how to manage finances. Communicating with your spouse about your finances reduces conflicts in your marriage. Budgeting tips can help you make the most of your lifestyle choices. Below are some budgetingContinue reading “Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds | Aaron Parthemer”

How to Get More Involved With Your Church

The idea of a church is to help people feel a sense of community while following a similar life view. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is possible to be an active member of a church and still feel like an outsider. Getting more involved with your church is a great way to help remedy this. OneContinue reading “How to Get More Involved With Your Church”

Tips for Your Family Morning Routine

Many people find themselves rushing in the morning or needing just a little extra time to relax before starting the day. Even if you have always done things a certain way, it might be time to consider other tips to get you and the family out of the door on time, without the usual needContinue reading “Tips for Your Family Morning Routine”

How to Quickly Pay Off Your Student Loans

Student loans are one of the most significant expenses in the life of a young adult. The decision of how much to borrow and how long to pay it off will have real implications for how to choose your quality of life. The optimal goal is to pay them off as soon as possible, andContinue reading “How to Quickly Pay Off Your Student Loans”